Marketing & Social Networking

Do you want to mininmize your expenses on advertising and make your money work harder? - Then you need to consult a marketing specialist on how to make your promotional campaigns more cost effective.

What makes you STAND OUT from the crowd? - Your visual impression, product/services presentation and the right key messages, dedicated to the right market auditory. Be smart! Preparation is 90% of success. Consult with us!

Russian translation

It is not just the translation that matters, it is the QUALITY of the translation that interprets your message correctly. There are many respectful businesses with translations that let them down. Make you translation speak for you.

We guarantee a high level of Russian translation, as a professional Russian language and marketing specialist. We translate for SELAS publications, Cyprus awards, Filfar, Londa hotel, oil and yacht companies etc

Social Networks Marketing

The speed of growing interest to social networks is amazing and you have to use it for your business advantage to get maximum impact and win a trust of your customers. When you react almost immideately on a question, people are impressed and start believing in what you say.

Order your social network management from professionals and we guarantee to build you a very strong, reliable business profile with a significant number of members. We specialise on cross-marketing in social networking, using several profiles on different sites, like Facebook, You Tube, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest.

We also manage Russian social networks with quickly growing memebership, starting from 1000 memebers per account.