CMS make business your way

C.M.S. – Custom Management System means that YOU can have a total control over your website and can manage it when you want and how you want. Most comfortable solution for self-esteemed businessmen.

We supply each dynamic website with CMS. Even if you do not want to use it today, you always have this possibility  tomorrow.CMS is easy to use, its like play constructor or Lego game: build your idea, using already made options.

CMS is especially useful for online shop owners, news makers and news suppliers, media, writers, artists and photographers, also for manufactures, – all who needs to change the content of their website quite often, to keep it updated. 

GMS options: Online shop or gallery. Your database needs permanent updating to meet expectations of your customers.Newsletters / direct email marketing.  

Sending letter to your subscribers and customers is essential.Live support. To keep in touch with your potential buyers or maintains a good technical support to customers.
Community options: membership, sharing, blogging, linking, dating, etc. Communication between your visitors and members can bring you unexpected revenue.
Statistic!!! Statistic of your website visitors and hits is very important for collecting analytic information of your promotional campaigns.Many more… – ask us in an individual business consultation.
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