How do we start if I have no website at all?

– First step is to choose a domain name for your website. We will help you to choose the best name with regards to your company name, your business direction and key words with which your potential customers may look up for you in Internet. Name – is the fist BIG step to your successful (or unsuccessful) Internet appearance.

 If I have my domain name and want to order just website from you, where do we go?
– To suit your business purposes the best, we will need to ask you several questions to be able to deliver you a general design and general structure of your future website.
For example, Do you have your corporate identity (logo, slogan, corporate colors, etc)?
What main colors you prefer for your website?
What are your business directions?
What is the main idea you wish to show for your visitors? etc.
Each case is individual…How do I pay you?
– Usually payment made in 3 installments
– most suitable system for both sides.
We are very fair people and we will always arrange the most suitable to you payment method, but  we are busy people as well. So no work can be done without prepayment, but also no payment paid without you being sure what you are paying for.
Prepayment / deposit is usually 50% of agreed price.
Once we finished with general design and structure of your website, you can check all parts of website
– this is the second payment of 25%.
Now you have time to make some minor changes and customizations and also try to manage your website by yourself. The last payment should be paid on the day of our Instructions meeting, when we will explain in details how to manage your website without our help.
How can I be sure about design before I pay you?
– We will discuss with you all your preferences and set up a basic design or show you several general templates to choose from, so you understand what quality of design and web structure we will deliver.
How long will it take for you to deliver my website?
– From the day when we receive all necessary elements for website development from you, it usually takes one week for static website to be delivered (general design and general structure) and 3 weeks for dynamic website.
Of course, timing can vary depending on quantity of content and quality of supplied materials (logo, images, texts, etc).
Do I need to order SEO and promotion for my website before you build it?
– You need to understand the difference between SEO and Internet promotion. SEO
– optimization for your website should be included in web developing of your website as a major part of your website, same as your logo and main content.
Your website with us will be delivered WITH SEO as we believe that website without SEO is not a website at all.
Promotion is a different matter, its advertising of your website in Internet.
You can choose to organize promotion immediately after your website delivered, or you can go for it much later, when you feel ready.    
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