SEO is included

S.E.O. – searching engine optimization – is one of the most important parts of web developing and is unfortunately often overlooked by many website designers…
Without SEO, a website, even the most beautiful is USELESS, because nobody will be able to find your website on the Internet via searching engines.
Good SEO support  is the biggest step to your success in Internet promotion.

Starting with choosing a right name, via indexing on the most popular searching engines, like Google, Yahoo, etc and finishing with active blogging and sharing on the most popular social networks, like Facebook, Tweets, etc.

Our company supports FREE basic SEO for each created website: we work on your name, title, description and key words, to present your company on the Internet at its best.Registration of the right domain name is the first successful step in the procedure of website development.
By you domain name I can tell you how good your start will be on World Wide Web.
Your domain name not only a showcase for your partners, visitors and competitors, but its an intelligent marketing tool.
 I have had experience of lifting a domain name in the searching engines results to the top three (3) during ONE WEEK (!) by only adjusting a domain name for my client.
How easy and smart is this?
SMART CHOICE of domain names:
1. It should be as short as possible.
2. It should contain easily spelled and easy to pronounce words, without a double meaning.
3. Most searching engines on the Internet are in English, if you like it or not.
So be smart and choose easy English words to make your presence on the Internet more accessible and easy to find.
4. Finally, you can include your locally well-known name in your website domain name, but it is more important is to choose a name, consisting of key words that your business is promoting in Internet.
Do you want people to find you easy? – Ask us for a free consultation when you order you website.
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