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Once you become our customer, you will love our way of business forever (Anya Debnam, Director of ARTMIX studio).
This article is about CRM  – Customer Relationships Management, that you can order with your website and use to attract and pamper your customers.
But somehow it became an article about attitude to a customer and about human factor in business. You cannot miss this point in Cyprus!
Attitude – is the main point in customer relationships.
You can send them hundreds of smart letters and special offers, but, if you show them ignorance, they will not love you and they will not choose you. Its relevant to all employees at your place, starting with Managing Director and finishing with cleaning lady.
You cannot buy or sell The Quality of service and product, that comes together with CARE and kind attitude. 
You can only gain it via right choice of  people you decide to deal with. Its refers to us as well, as a supplier of web and design services.
We care not only about what work is done, but HOW it is done, because we realize, that satisfied customeris the number one priority in marketing communications. Its in our nature and it cannot be outbid.
Want to know more details about professional Internet CRM? – Ask ask when you have your individual consultation about more e-business options, direct e-mail marketing, tracking web pages, visitors statistic etc…
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CMS – make business your way

C.M.S. – Custom Management System means that YOU can have a total control over your website and can manage it when you want and how you want. Most comfortable solution for self-esteemed businessmen.
We supply each dynamic website with CMS.
Even if you do not want to use it today, you always have this possibility  tomorrow.
CMS is easy to use, its like play constructor or Lego game: build your idea, using already made options.
CMS is especially useful for online shop owners, news makers and news suppliers, media, writers, artists and photographers, also for manufactures, – all who needs to change the content of their website quite often, to keep it updated.Read more…

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 SEO is included Services – Web design & web developing
S.E.O. – searching engine optimization – is one of the most important parts of web developing and is unfortunately often overlooked by many website designers…Without SEO, a website, even the most beautiful is USELESS, because nobody will be able to find your website on the Internet via searching engines.
Good SEO support  is the biggest step to your success in Internet promotion.
Starting with choosing a right name, via indexing on the most popular searching engines, like Google, Yahoo, etc and finishing with active blogging and sharing on the most popular social networks, like Facebook, Tweets, etc.
Our company supports FREE basic SEO for each created website: we work on your name, title, description and key words, to present your company on the Internet at its best.

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